DON’T NAG- Nagging accomplishes nothing.It only widens the gap between you
and your husband.No husband ever appreciates a nagging wife.

BELIEVE- Let your husband feel that you can trust him. I know,
is very hard to do especially when your female intuition tells you
otherwise. Yet, intuitions can still go wrong. Trusting your husband
will make him feel good, not just about you but with your
relationship as well. In fact, he will even love you more for it.

ACCEPT- Accept his strengths as well as his weaknesses. praise him for
accomplishments and support him during his low moments,when
you decide to marry him,you did not marry just a part of him but
all of him.

LOVE YOURSELF- When you love yourself, there is so much love you can
share with your husband. Not just because you’re already married
doesn’t mean there is no need for you to maintain your beauty
rituals anymore. Loving yourself means taking care of your health,
your hygiene and of course, being attractive for your partner.

BE PLEASANT- As related to loving yourself, be pleasant when your
husband comes home from work. He can endure a messy house but
never a bad-tempered wife. Give him no reason to look for another
girl. Always welcome him with your smile, embraces and kisses.

TALK AND LISTEN- Talking is the best way to see through each other’s point of
view, gradually reaching out to one another and compromise.
But talking is useless when neither of you seems to listen. After you
talk, it’s your time to listen. This way, you will both understand what
the other wants to convey.

STUDY ALLAH’S & Doing this will enhance your relationship with each other and with
PRAY TOGETHER- ALLAH. When you commit your lives to ALLAH you can be sure
of a fulfilled and satisfying married life.

TRUST ALLAH- Would you like to be free from anxieties,worries and uncertainties
in your marriage? trust ALLAH. You will find it easier to trust
your mate completely if you trust ALLAH first, with ALLAH, there
is nothing to fear

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