By payment of Zakat wealth and one-self become purified, as it is a part of the Allah-given wealth that is due to the poor.According to The Holy Qur’an, all human affairs, are in the absolute charge of Allah, Who is the absolute owner of everything in the entire Universe. Allah has given control of some things to man for a limited time in a limited way. Man is responsible only for the office of temporary trusteeship. Anyone who assumes ownership does so through ignorance.
Many verses in The Holy Qur’an confirm the obligation to pay Zakat.Indeed, approx 82 times, the Holy Qur’an mentions Salat (Namaz) and Zakat, jointly, almost as one entity, and certainly Zakat is given just as much importance as Salat. Salat & Zakat are two inseparable and fundamental articles of Islamic faith and practice.

Every morning when a person gets up, two Angels come down. One of them says: “Oh Allah, give the charitable person success”. The other Angel says: “Oh Allah, bring destruction upon the miser”.
The Holy Qur’an says: ‘By no means shall you attain righteousness until you spend (in the way of Allah) out of that which you cherish most and whatever you spend, Allah is aware of it (3:92).
The Holy Qur’an also tells us whoever spends for Allah’s cause, …………… saved from His own greed, such are the successful (meaning being successful is to be saved from one’s own greed).
It also says: “And they give food out of love for Him (Allah) to the needy, the orphan & the captive, (saying); we feed you for Allah’s sake. We wish neither recompense nor thanks from you (76:8,9)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said: “The generous person is near Allah, near Paradise & near the people and the miser is far from Paradise, far from the people and near Hell. And the illiterate charitable man is dearer to Allah than the pious miser (Tirmidhi)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) also said: “Generosity is a tree in Heaven, whoever is generous will catch one of its branches and the branch will not leave him until it admits him to Paradise. Miserliness is a tree in Hell, whoever is a miser will catch one of its branches and it will not leave him until it admits him in to Hell” (Baihaqi).

Attaining high reward in the payment of zakat

* To be paid immediately on demand or as it becomes due.
* To be paid to seek only Allah’s pleasure, NOT for fame or popularity.
* To be paid secretly, so the left hand may not know what the right hand does.
* To be paid without a harsh word, injury or reproach.
* To be paid from one’s hard earned lawful savings.
* To be paid to the most deserving persons (not to loafers for drinking, gambling etc).
* To be paid without any obligation being asserted.
* Relatives are to be given preference over strangers

Attributes of a True Believer

* An ardent lover of Allah who’s deep love should sway all other attachments with worldly pursuits.
* He must NOT be narrow minded & tight fisted.
* He should spend generously in the way of Allah.
* He should be magnanimous by nature, helping others irrespective of their attitude.
* He should not hoard wealth, because it will expose his life to dangers.
* He should not seek anything in return from the recipient (neither recompense nor thanks).
* He should pay with a smiling expression, NOT with reluctance.
* He should NOT see it as an imposition.
* He should be pure at heart & spend from what is pure & lawful.
* He should NOT be hesitant in curtailing his own expenditure in the service of Islam.

Wisdom of Zakat

* Purifies the heart and soul of the love of material wealth.
* Purifies the Allah given wealth in His Pure Name.
* Fortifies the belief that nothing is dearer than The Love of Allah.
* Fortifies the belief that one is fully prepared to sacrifice all for Allah’s sake.
* Roots out in-ordinate love of wealth which gives birth to numerous sins.
* Causes wealth, reward & blessings to grow manifold.
* Causes reward for prayer to grow manifold.
* Increases wealth of community as a whole.
* Saves one from one’s own greed and thus makes one more successful.


A date given in charity by a person from his lawfully earned wealth is developed and looked after by Allah until it grows as huge as a mountain (Bukhari Shareef).
Just as a grain of corn produces 7 ears and each ear yields 100 grains, likewise Allah gives a manifold increase to whom He pleases for He is All Embracing, All Wise (2: 261, 262).


The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said: “no-one among you can become perfect in faith until he wishes for his brother, what he wishes for himself” (Muslim Shareef).
The Gracious Lord relieves generous man of poverty, distress & inflictions. The love of Allah encompasses him & angels pray for his salvation.
Allah goes on helping a person as long as he goes on helping his brother (in Islam).
Allah keeps a generous man, who sets aside a portion of his property for the poor, secure against natural
calamities and his Dua is also accepted by Allah.
Allah has bestowed upon us Iman (righteous faith), life, health, wealth, wisdom, children and so much more…..
Charity cools the wrath of Allah and safeguards the giver against a disgraceful death (Bukhari Shareef).
The primary motive of Zakat is religious & spiritual while the social & economic aspects are subservient to it. It
Stirs the moral conscience of man to make sacrifice for all brethren in faith.
It is a major sin not to help distressed brethren in faith, in spite of having surplus wealth.

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